Evaluations and Interventions of Thinking Problems for Children, Adults, & Seniors
Evaluations and Interventions of Thinking Problems for Children, Adults, & Seniors


Are you or a loved one experiencing one or more of the following symptoms?

  • difficulty learning new information
  • frequently repeating the same stories and asking the same questions
  • increasing reliance on family members to help with finances and other complex tasks
  • changes in mood or personality
  • losing train of thought mid-sentence
  • significant problems with finding words in conversation
  • no longer socializing or participating in usual activities
  • frequently misplacing items
  • changes in hygiene

Determining the difference between normal aging and dementia can be difficult to discern, especially in adults presenting with early signs of dementia. Occasional forgetfulness, trouble finding a word in conversation, or missing a bill payment are common complaints associated with normal aging. More pronounced memory difficulties interfering with daily functioning is a sign of a more serious problem.


A neuropsychological evaluation can determine the reason for changes in thinking, such as dementia or depression. Cognitive performance profiles can identify the etiology (e.g., vascular disease, Alzheimer's disease, frontotemporal lobe degeneration, medical causes to changes in cognition), suggest appropriate treatment options, and aid with future planning.


Thomson Memory Center can help figure out if you or your loved one has an actual memory problem. Contact us today.


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