Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Therapy for Attention, Memory, Emotional, and Learning Difficulties
Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Therapy for Attention, Memory, Emotional, and Learning Difficulties

Adult Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD/ADHD)

Although the majority of adults with ADD/ADHD typically present with inattentive problems, a small percentage of adults will struggle with impulsivity problems.


After ruling out medical causes from symptoms of ADD/ADHD (e.g., thyroid problems, insufficient sleep), consideration of other factors causing similar difficulties as ADD/ADHD is prudent. Such differential diagnoses can include anxiety, depression, substance use, personality disorders, and bipolar disorder. A neuropsychological evaluation can assist in identifying the cause of an adult's attentional problems and discuss treatment options (e.g., cognitive rehabiliation, behavioral therapy, medical consultation for possible medications).


Take the Adult ADD/ADHD Quiz:


Do you or a loved one…

  • Have difficulty paying attention to details?
  • Often make careless mistakes?
  • Become easily distracted from the task at hand?
  • Miss stop signs or red lights while driving?
  • Have trouble sustaining attention on tasks or activities?
  • Have difficulty finishing schoolwork or paperwork that requires concentration?
  • Go from one activity to another without finishing any of them?
  • Frequently procrastinate?
  • Forget things in daily activities – like forgetting to bring lunch or forgetting a standing appointment?
  • Have a hard time listening or staying focused on a conversation?
  • Often feel impatient?
  • Blurt out answers before a question has been completed?
  • Frequently interrupt or intrude on others to the point of causing problems in social or work settings?
  • Talk at inappropriate times?

If you answered yes to two or more – or if you feel there’s a problem that needs to be addressed, call Thomson Memory Center to find out more about our Adult ADD/ADHD evaluation. Contact us today.





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