Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Therapy for Attention, Memory, Emotional, and Learning Difficulties
Diagnosis, Evaluation, and Therapy for Attention, Memory, Emotional, and Learning Difficulties

Alzheimer's Disease Symptom Checklist

These are the most common changes seen in people who have Alzheimer’s disease and other types of dementia. A person with Alzheimer’s disease may:


  • Be more easily distracted than usual.
  • Find it difficult to “stay on task”.
  • Ask the same questions over and over.
  • Have problems making or keeping important appointments.
  • Not remember recent conversations.
  • Forget why he or she went into a room.
  • Forget where things are in the kitchen.
  • Have trouble recalling names of longtime acquaintances.
  • Have trouble coming up with the right words in conversation.
  • Have stopped reading.
  • Mispronounce or use wrong words.
  • Have deteriorating handwriting.
  • Have difficulty driving.
  • Become confused or disoriented in stores or malls.
  • Have trouble finding the car in the parking lot.
  • Get lost easily even on familiar routes.
  • Show personality changes.
  • Say or do embarrassing or inappropriate things in social situations.
  • Have difficulties with hygiene / bathroom use.
  • Have new problems at work or start to receive negative work evaluations.
  • Have difficulties using household items.
  • Have trouble dressing (two socks on one foot, puts shirt on backwards).
  • Complain or show signs of blurred vision.
  • Grope for door handles.
  • Feel more down or depressed than before.
  • Cry more often.
  • Have a change in appetite or sleep patterns.


These symptoms do not necessarily mean your parent or loved one has Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but they do warrant a discussion with your family member and his/her doctor.






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